J is for Jargon

J is for Jargon

Miranda Stone:

A hilarious and informative post by Alex Hurst about publishing world jargon.

Originally posted on Alex Hurst:


Are you ready to speak like a pro? The publishing world is full of jargon, and sometimes it’s hard to tell your slug from your synopsis! Today’s post is all about the wonderful (and terrible) jargon we use in this crazy industry. Kept short and sweet (and a bit satirical) for your enjoyment. Real definitions found in the links.

advance – (n) an increasingly rare artifact; a most preposterous leap-of-faith.

agent- (n) knight for hire. Known for extraordinarily discerning tastes in damsels, aka Novels.

alpha reader – (n) a masochist for editing.

antagonist- (n) the character everyone likes more than the protagonist.

ARC- (n) zero edition of a to-be-published book. Public beta test for typos.

archetype- (n) Carl Jung’s fancy name for a trope. Positive and posh sounding.

backlist – (n) No, really, I’m a writer. Look at all of this stuff I’ve written!


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